How Not to Use Social Media (Especially Students)

How Not to Use Social Media (Especially Students)

Please keep in mind that I am a continuing journalism student and am still learning how to responsibly manage all of my personal social networks. With that being said, most of this insight should be common sense. However, I think some of my peers need a friendly reminder.

It seems like every day I am scrolling through my Twitter or Instagram timelines and think to myself, “Why would he/she post that?” And I’m sure that same question has been asked about many of my past posts, which is why I’ve spent the last year cleaning up my social sites and transforming my online presence.

Here are 10 absolute no-no’s for social media posting (especially as a student):

  1. Posting photos doing illegal activities.
  2. Bullying/threatening.
  3. Cursing and using other offensive language.
  4. Posting confidential information.
  5. Using racial slurs.
  6. Arguing excessively.
  7. Lying.
  8. Complaining excessively.
  9. Sharing too much information.
  10. Posting while emotional.

Obviously this does not pertain to every career, but it’s safe to say your social media activity can have substantial impact on your employability. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, think before you post.

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