Note To Self: Think Before You Tweet

Note To Self: Think Before You Tweet

Oh, Twitter.

I still remember creating my Twitter account at age 15. I should be ashamed of the reason I absolutely had to have an account, but I’ll admit… It was to stalk Justin Bieber online. That’s probably a piece of information I’ll leave out when discussing social media with my future employers and clients. But hey, it’s the truth!

Side note: There’s a slight chance I am a Belieber still today. No shame.

There is something about Twitter that had me hooked from the get go. To this day, I am the most active on Twitter than any other social network. It might sound foolish, but maintaining a Twitter account through my teens and early twenties has been rather difficult for me. At age 15, I had no clue I would be pursing a career in Public Relations and Marketing. In other words, at age 15 and the continuing years, I had no boundaries on my social networks. After I decided to study Journalism for my undergrad, I quickly realized how important my online presence was. In all honesty, I made the decision to delete my original Twitter account and start fresh a couple years back. Those that know me personally can attest that I have an outspoken, proud and sometimes opinionated personality. I can thank my father for those traits. While being a strong-minded young woman is what I stand for, it can sometimes get me into trouble.

If there’s one thing I had to learn the hard way with Twitter, it was to think before I tweet.

Here’s my testimony: I’m a 21-year-old college student stepping foot into a diverse, inspiring and involved industry. No, my personal social strategy is not perfect nor planned right now. Yes, I still occasionally have to go back and delete certain tweets that could potentially cause a negative image. However, I still want my followers, friends, colleagues, classmates and other readers to know and accept me for who I am. Twitter has become a place for me to celebrate my achievements, provide encouragement, share opinions, stay up-to-date with the news, keep in touch with friends, and so much more.

Here’s to the social network that can easily make or break your online image. Remember to choose your words wisely; those 140 characters can land in the eyes of anyone.

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